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Properly organizing the refrigerator has never been so easy!  Introducing our Multifunctional Fridge Organizer that will save space and organize the refrigerator while keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. 


The lids of the containers are designed with vents system to regulate the flow of air, in and out in order to control the humidity inside the storage container. This will help prevent spoilage and increase the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables while in the refrigerator or even when not refrigerated.



These Multi-functional Containers are perfect for washing and rinsing fruit & vegetables, draining them and then storing to keep them fresh longer. The drainers can also be used to drain pasta or anything else you'd like. They have lids with silicone clips to provide an airtight seal to the containers.

These storage containers are the perfect Refrigerator Organizer. They are convenient for reduce clutter, saving space and organizing the fridge. 

Moreover the partitions enable you to easily sort and store different foods in one container. Have your refrigerator looking awesome, your food deserves to be stored well. 


Safe And Durable Plastic: Made of durable, shatter-resistant and BPA Free plastic, our refrigerator cabinet storage bin is made to provide reliable and long term use. We don't use any harmful chemicals or ingredients to make sure our storage tray doesn't affect the flavour of your food!

Functional and Versatile: Our fridge food storage bins are the perfect choice for storing meat, vegetables, fish, fruits, canned goods, food packets, cheese and many more! This can also be used to store dried foods in drawers or cupboards to help prolong their freshness. 


Customer Reviews

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Nishant T
Fresh for days!

These are better than expected, it’s got our greens in it for more than a week now, they are as fresh as the first day we got them. Even the broccoli hasn’t turned yellow! Already placing an order for more for my other veggies too.

Neha S

Excellent quality, Easy to store meat and vegetables.
Affordable and best quality for that price.
East to clean and occupy less space. Ideal for any household


It's a beautiful box. Outer box is acrylic and inside one is plastic ...can be used for fridge organizing. Things like chillies ,coriander,mint leaves can be stored...looks pretty....easy to handle and since the quality of plastic is good it will last longer