Portable Ice Cube Maker

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Ice cold and ready in seconds!

Do you find yourself in need of ice cubes very often but can't be bothered with the risk of freezing water and spilling it everywhere?

Now that's what we call convenient for the most chilled summer ever.


Easy ice-cold: Ice cold and ready in seconds! Collapsible means you can slide your ice tray anywhere- even into your back pocket. Designed for stacking, our ice cube trays for the freezer are space-optimal.

Portable Ice Maker: Make ice cubes anywhere and anytime for the creative cocktail connoisseur. Enjoy clean, fresh ice cubes on demand. This ice cube tray with storage bin limits melting.

Served the ice touch-free: A handy way of touching the ice does not absorb bad odor from the freezer or fridge.

Innovative Design: Featuring an optimal material design that's on point, this tray is what your beverage organization needs. Add some flair to your drink with these stylish treats from our new and improved set of trays.


Now you can reload in under a minute, providing a quick refill for your pretty lil' cups iced right up to the brim.

  1. Press it down and watch as it wisps into four perfect cubes at once, crisping as it transitions from liquid to solid below!
  2. Carry on through all 50 states with this durable polypropylene machine that defies cold nights when crushed.


1 PC X Collapsible Ice Cube Tray